Import agency of cosmetics, foods and food relatives, electrics, and general items.

YUNIGE has experience in importing over 500 companies for compliance related items


We are an IOR ( Importer of Record ) company that specializes in importing Cosmetics, Food / Supplements, Kitchen Items, and Electronics Items. An IOR service is an importer for sending products to Amazon FBA warehouse in Japan to sell on the Amazon JP website Our customers are from US, EU, UK, China and Korea.

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We have experience in importing over 500 companies for compliance related items.

Import experience

Import experience

Over 500 companies

Company Capital


6.2 million yen

Country Representative


Kazuki Nakajo

Acquisition permission

Acquisition permission

Cosmetics license: 27C0X00868 27CZ200570


Import agency of cosmetics, foods and food relatives, electrics, and general items.



We bring to you high-class services

We are an IOR (Importer of Record) company that specializes in importing Cosmetics, Food/Supplements, Kitchen Items, and Electronics Items. An IOR Services is an importer to send products to Amazon FBA warehouse in Japan for sale on Amazon JP website. Our customers are from the US, EU, UK, India, China and Korea.


Application/Notification Form

Japan has strict import regulations and laws. We are more than an import agency, YUNIGE specialists of “cosmetics” and “food supplement” complete complicated paperwork and labeling after export. All the customers must do is send us the specified documents and samples, and we will get started right away.



International shipping, Warehouse FBA preparing, domestic delivery, B to B, B to C support

Cosmetics and food/supplements require complicated import procedures. Along with FBA prepping and FBA delivery. With our experience you can get started right way.


Online and Offline distributors in Japan

We effectively mix and match online and offline retail lines for your success in the Japanese Market. Products are distributed to consumers without your physical presence in Japan. The successful platform leads you to exponential growth from home remotely.



Logistics/Delivery agent service is available

Our delivery agent service can handle all your international shipping, custom clearance, cosmetics and food registration.


Door to Door service is available

Our door-to-door service can handle all your international shipping, custom clearance, cosmetics and food registration.



General Flow of Importing Cosmetics.

1. Inquiry (Estimate)

Please prepare the product name, ingredient list, and sample of the product you want to import. We will ask about your requests.

2. Product Ingredient Check

We will check whether the product meets the requirements of the “Japanese Standards of Cosmetic Ingredients”. Please send us the product list and the ingredient list of all products.

3. Import Procedures

We will submit the “Foreign Cosmetics Notification” and “Manufacture and Sales of Cosmetics Notification”.

4. Import and Purchase Products (Prepare Product Labels)

Our company will become the IOR of the products, and handle customs clearance.

5. Label sticker on imported products

We will carry-in and inspect the product based on the “Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law”. After the legal display (label sticker) is attached, the “Shipping Decision” will be possible (the products can be distributed to the market).

6. Ship to the delivery location

The products will be distributed to customers.



General Manager

Thank you for your excellent service, patience and great communication. Have used this company several times and my goods always arrived on time without any damages. They help us with all import procedure and also send the goods to FBA.


Sales Assistance

It's a cooperative agency. My all Amazon FBA Air, sea freight and including customs all the works they handle for us and delivery goods right on time. fast response, good communication and very cooperative people.



We are very must satisfied with this import agency , we were having trouble with our cosmetics and electronics goods and clearance but they help us with the clearance documents and delivery my goods to FBA without any problem.


Trusted by 500+ partners & customers

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please check before contacting us.

What is a cosmetics import agent?

When importing cosmetics, a permit is required from the governor of each prefecture. Our company, which has obtained the permit, will import on behalf of your company. If you use an import agent, you do not need to obtain a permit on your own.

How can I import products I found overseas?

It is necessary to check if the product is classified as cosmetics and if it can be sold in Japan. If you have samples or information on the product, we can check.

What is a quasi-drug?

Quasi-drugs are products approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for certain indications and effects. Selling a quasi drug without approval is a violation of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law and other applicable laws.

Do I need a qualification or license to request a cosmetics import agent?

"Our company, which has obtained a cosmetics manufacturing license and a cosmetics sales license, will be the importer, so no license or qualification is required of the customer. We are the importer, so you do not need any licenses or qualifications."

Can I use an international shipping company or customs broker that I have done business with?

"Importation by a company designated by the customer is of course possible. In this case, we will only import cosmetics on your behalf."

Can you help me find a manufacturer to produce cosmetics?

"We will be happy to introduce you to our partners. Please feel free to contact us."

What exactly are cosmetics?

"The following are examples of products that fall under the category of cosmetics 1. Makeup products such as mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and foundation 2. Body care products such as body soap, soap and body cream 3. Hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and wax 4. Nail care products such as nail polish, gel nail polish and nail oil 5. Other perfumes, aroma oils, bath cosmetics (bath salts, bamboo vinegar solution), etc. 6. Other products used on the human body (skin, etc.) for the purpose of cleansing or beautifying the appearance of the body and which have a moderate action"

Can you put our company name on the label?

"Yes, no problem. The name of the manufacturer/distributor and the name of the customer (your company) can be listed as the distributor. In addition, the address, telephone number, website URL, etc. can also be listed."

I am not an Osaka-based company. Do you support all of Japan?

"No problem. We can handle all of Japan."

Is it possible to specify the method of transportation?

Imports from overseas can be made by any method of transportation, such as containers, air, sea, EMS, FEDEX, DHL, or UPS. The customer is responsible for the actual costs of the goods to be imported (freight, import duty consumption tax, customs clearance fees, etc.).

I don't have any experience in importing, is it okay?

No problem. We can handle everything from product purchasing, import agency and customs clearance services, negotiations with overseas suppliers and overseas manufacturers, to international and domestic shipping arrangements and delivery.

What if the goods are damaged when being transported from overseas to Japan?

"During ocean transportation from overseas, goods are sometimes packed in boxes without cushioning materials, or carton boxes are not strong enough, and the carton boxes may be crushed, resulting in damage to the goods. Such incidents are not uncommon. It is best to purchase damage insurance. When we deliver to our customers, we prepare new cartons and cushioning materials, pack them in boxes, and deliver them to our customers."


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, Don’t hesitate to contact us


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